The Ballylough Stones

The Ballylough Stones Project 2017

Community Foundation NI

This project has been supported by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland through Red Nose Day Community Cash.

The Red Nose Funding will enable us to run a volunteer & community engagement project, mapping as many of the sites stones, listing them, photographing and drawing them during the next 6 - 12 months (weather permitting). Our initial focus will be on The Corn Stooks/Stacks, which is a small area with several round stone structures, thought to date around the mid-1700s, for the purpose of drying crops. We will be looking for volunteers to explore the site looking for stones that have some form of identity - so may have been used for a building, a wall or structure. Also any large or ornamental stones on site. We would like to look at where the stones may have come from and any stories that may arise from our findings. The project is due to start in Autumn of 2017, dates and details to follow. If you would be interested in volunteering for this project please email us using the stones@ email address.  We plan to exhibit artwork, drawings and photographs at the next Ballylough Living History Festival in June 2018 and next year's EHOD in September.

Stone Wall around Corn Stooks/Stacks

Stone in Corn Stook Yard
Stones around Corn Stack Yard

Stone Corn Stooks/Stacks at Ballylough

Corn Stook

Cart wheel against stone wall at Ballylough

Stone wall in Coach House

Stone built Walled Garden

Stone wall in walled garden
Ancient Stone Wall various periods

Project Facts.

Funding total: £3,100

Ballylough LH Trust : £2,300

Red Nose Day Community : £800


Start Autumn 2017

Finish Autumn 2018


There are currently 4 volunteers working on this project.

More welcome.

Come along and sign up at EHOD 2017 on 9th and 10th Sept. 2017  11:30-16:30

Skills (any level): Drawing, photography, painting, GPS, mapping. Have a go !