Current Projects

Ballylough Heritage Trail – this has now been funded by The Heritage Fund and is in progress.  We have created a one way system around the trail which now extends to over 1.5km.  We have started upgrading the pathways to make the going a little easier under foot – it is our ambition to make this suitable for wheelchair users in the future (funding allowing). The new app will be available to download from the Heritage Traill Mobile App page  at the end of October 2020. Q

The Heritage Fund have also funded the upgrade of our office facilities so that our volunteers can safely work in the offices and grounds with safe social distancing.  The project offices have been moved to the old ‘Egg House’ which has been renovated to accommodate 6 separate working stations and Heritage Fund have enabled us to connect to the mobile network which meas we can get internet – hurrah (up to 10MB!!!) – this will make a huge difference to everyone as we often work in the cloud.

COVID update – Sanitising stations have been built and a virtual tour guide is being created.  this will be in the form of a mobile app, which must be downloaded onto your mobile before you come on site.  It will also be necessary to book any visits – a new ticketing system is being put in place using TICKERA.  We were open the site for EHOD (European Heritage Day) on the 12th and 13th September 2020, and the groups that turned up (we had cancelled) were all able to safely distance throughout the new trail – see COVID for updated information.

The 3D map is well underway (15th August 2020) – just trying to source some resin –

25th September 2020 – 4 layers to go…………

The map tells the story of the last few years and we have tried to include most of the things that we talk about in the audio…..the map will be located at the start of the trail

Updated picture of 3d map September 2020 – we have the frame made and the map should be in place by mid October 2020

Volunteers that have worked on this project are: Paul R from Martinique, Nathan from La Reunion, Chu C from China, Selma M from France, Nicolas from France, Ben from Donaghcloney, Lukas and Roman from Czech and family Traill.  We have had such an important project journey – we have all learned so much and the team have never worked as hard as they have for this, knowing that so much depended on the project.  We have all benefitted from working on the project and have built memories we will always cherish.  Thank you to Heritage Fund for enabling this, and we hope that all those that visit the Heritage Trail when we open will be able to feel a part of it.  We know it is not perfect and we will look forward to comments and feedback that will help us to keep improving the experience for all.  Thank you to our board who have supported the project from the start and through this terrible pandemic – yes the dreaded zoom meetings !!

Our contractors and contributors have been Chris Freeman – digger work, Straid for our concrete, MacBlair and JP Corrys for our material and supplies, Ben McCloy and Melvyn Taggart for their brilliant carpentry and DIY work, Henry for his long hours and endless patience building our Mobile App (and for listening to our endless stories!), Bruce for supporting when we are up against the weekly deadlines, Colin Breen for his vital support and input to the audio.

Again thank you.