The Savage Dig

The Savage Dig

Estimated start date c Summer 2019.

After a year and half getting various consultancy reports and planning sorted we are now planning the start of the dig. More information will be posted here when we have firm dates.

The project is an archaeology dig in and around the immediate area of the MacQuillan Castle & Savage Castle Ruins.

Investigations of the Crannog, Rath and area around the lakeside to identify early inhabitants.
Investigations within the walled garden where additional foundation walls have been found buried beneath the flower beds.

Research on the site habitat (flora and fauna). We will be identifying some of the flora and fauna during the development stage (now until December) and posting through the website.

We are proposing to run residentials on site, during the dig, to give volunteers and enthusiasts a chance to work with the dig team.

Courses, open days and school visits are all on the schedule of events during the project period to give access to all those who are interested, and provide access for local schools.

We are currently wanting to make contact with any local groups interested in accessing the site and activities during the project. Please contact us if you have a workshop that you would be interested in.
Currently we are looking to run: Built Heritage Conservation, Natural Conservation, school outdoor classroom activities (tree identification, pond dipping, etc.), foraging, history workshops - costume, re-enactment, and others.

Estimated period of time for project: 2 years

Estimated HR resources: 25,000 volunteer hours, 10,000 Specialist Hours

Accommodation Projects: Worker's Cottages (Not started), Front Gate Lodge (Willie Hanna Gate Lodge - Not started), Hen House (Not started), Gardener's Cottage (Not started).