We have been very lucky to receive support from The Heritage Fund.  This has enabled us to upgrade the existing Heritage Trail, install hand sanitisers, adapt toilets, create a virtual tour guide in the form of a Heritage mobile app and upgrade the pathways to a one way system.  This will enable us to reopen the Heritage Trail in time for September 2020 EHOD (this year it is running digitally), but as long as all things COVID are ok, then we will be opening for the weekend.  This will be essential booking event.  The app will need to be downloaded before you come onto site to make the most of all the information.

In addition to this we are going to be able to adapt a current outbuilding to enable our volunteers to return to their projects on site.  We have already replaced windows, insulated and sealed the building.  Last weekend we moved all the current project office equipment into the new offices.  As of yesterday (19th August 2020), two of our volunteers were able to work from their newly distancing sections.  We are so looking forward to bringing back the rest of our team in Sept/October.  Thank you so much The Heritage Fund – we could not have done it without your support.

Pictures etc will be moved from the ‘current project‘ page once we move to the next project and complete this one.