Terms & Conditions. Updated 5th January 2021


  1. You do not need to print off the ticket, just show ticket on your phone, or provide your name and time slot or booking ref/ticket number.


COVID restrictions.

  1. Use hand sanitiser, gloves and any other responsible method for keeping everyone around you safe.  There are hand sanitiser stations on site and hand washing facilities.
  2. Wear suitable clothing for the weather, and make sure you have good footwear as the event is mostly ourdoors and the ground very uneven in many places.
  3. Not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs yet.
  4. Toilets should be open on site, but be prepared that they may not be.
  5. COVID advice will be throughout the event.  Please keep to the one way system, pass only when possible to keep your distance, do not touch anything if at all possible.
  6. Masks should be worn if necessary.
  7. Households must stick to their bubble rules
  8. Please do not feed animals and do not bring food or drink on site – this is to keep everyone safe from touching anything more than they need to.



  1. Car Parking is at your own risk and any injury sustained by you as a result of not following the guidelines, cannot be accepted by us.
  2. When you arrive place your ticket up against the window so the bar code may be scanned.
  3. The ground is very uneven in places and the ground may become muddy in the event of a lot of footfall and wet weather.  If you find a slippery place, let one of the wood elves know.
  4. The pond area is open and well lit.  Children must be supervised at all times.  The water is not deep, but it is cold and very muddy, so don’t let children go too near to the edge.
  5. Lost property will be collectable the next day
  6. The organisers reserve to cancel or change the evet dates or times if the weather is not suitable, or there are restrictions in place for COVID.
  7. All risk assessments will be kept up to date and in the event you spot something that may need attention we would be grateful to you for bringing it to our attention.