EHOD 2017

Overseer's Cottage Ballylough
Overseer’s Cottage

CLOONTY AUDIO TRAILS available for download/viewing:  Thank you BIG TELLY !!


Two walking trails
King of Trees https://youtu.be/d4xTJ7gCw-M
The Grey Lady https://youtu.be/9il1e6uB2_0

Driving trail
The Clunties https://youtu.be/fMK9-Au_fys

Ballylough will be open to the public on 9th and 10th September. Promoting The Savage Dig and opening up the site including the ‘Corn Stooks’. The excess of rain means that the path to the crannog will be unlikely to be accessible this year. Tours at 11:30 and 14:00. Children restricted due to water hazards. Wellie boots may be essential!

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