Battle of the Boar 2018 – 8th, 9th & 10th June

Battle of the Boar 2018

Great event with over 100 re enactors taking to the field.  Day 1: Education day – we bused in kids from local schools to share in nature activities such as bug hunting, butterfly identification, basket weaving, crafting, history and heritage storytelling.  Day 2 & 3: Combined with Bushmills Community Association we had bouncy castles, tea and hourly events during the day with a stage for locals groups to perform.  Total cost of the event this year was £15k.  The Council gave just under £1000 towards the costs.  Sadly they also decided at a very late date to inform us that they were holding their Salmon & Whiskey event on the same day as ours, also they had decided to hold a banquet event on the same night as our own gathering, which meant we did not get the support we had hoped for.  The loss from this event meant that we were unsure of whether we could hold another Re enactment Festival on the North Coast.  The re enactors love coming up during the summer and we have decided to give it one more go.  Council dates aren’t confirmed yet, but it is possible that they are settling on our own date yet again, and for us to remain on our date would be suicide.  That means that there will probably not be any education day as schools would be finished if we have to move our date, for which we are truly sorry, as the day got such fantastic feedback, and the kids got so much out of it.  Our new date for 2019 is likely to be 21st June.


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